Life Alone

Hey readers!

I  know…. I Know… It’s been a while but in 2018 every thing is going to change. I am so excited about the faith leaps that are about to take place. But that’s not what this blog is about. Today I want to address an ongoing epidemic that has been going for, forever. The epidemic that causes depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety, rejection, loneliness, self-esteem issues, disappointment, and just doubt. This epidemic is not always talked about nor is it addressed with a solution. As a matter of fact some don’t even see it as a problem actually a cure. I know you are wonder what is it…. It’s the epidemic that life should be lived alone.

Now let me gone ahead and tell you that this blog is not going to have any correct grammar in it. As a matter of fact I may not even re-read it to add or take away from it, because I want you to hear my heart. I mean the true rawness of my heart.

So I was talking with a sister of mine about how she was doing and feeling. She shared with me that she was feeling anxious because the one year anniversary of her mother’s death that was coming up and she did not know if she was ready to deal or handle the emotions that went with the day. As she continue to talk about how she was feeling, I share with her the why behind somethings that happen in September at a sister’s house and why I made it a priority to make her birthday extra special. As I disclosed about the situation I ended the conversation with this one statement: “Sis, Daddy never intended for us to live life alone, so you can’t do this by yourself.” Though she was in agreement with that statement, that statement did something to me. It may realize that we as people (believer or not) have been living life the wrong way. We have made an effort and put great energy into living life alone. When I tell you  that I never thought about how much we put into doing life alone…. Well, let me say I have never thought about how much I try to do life alone until that statement.

I mean think about it…. How many times have we made the statement ” I can do it. I got it. Don’t worry I will handle it”?  For me, more than I could count and think of . I know you are wondering how did I get the revelation that Daddy did not design us to do life alone. Can I give you two scriptures?

Let’s start at the beginning. Genesis 2:18 18 The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” I know we see that scripture and automatically think that it applies to marriage, because after that Eve was created. But can I tell you that this does not just apply to marriage but all relationships.  Let me back that statement up with a scripture: Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor:10 If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.  See Daddy has given us a confirming word that we are not to do life alone. But why are we determine to do the opposite? Why are we so adamant to measure life success through life alone? I can’t answer these questions for you, but I can answer them for me and it is the most simple answer. Because the world says life should be done alone. But as believers we have to know that this is not the way that Daddy intended for us to live life, as a matter of fact, for us to live life alone would be going against the will of GOD. Yep I said it. To do life alone is going against the original will of GOD for us to do this thing called life. What if we live life with the idea of including others? What if we live life with the intent to create great relationships? What if we live this simple principle of relationship?  

Today I challenge you to stop living life alone and start living life with the idea of establishing healthy relationship so that we can truly be in the will of GOD. A kingdom is not a kingdom without people and the body is not a body without parts. We must realize that life was never meant to be done alone it was then GOD would have not called us the body of Christ that is made of many parts. The letters that James, Paul, and Peter wrote to the church would not address how they treated one another or how they need to serve one another and others. I can go on and on but you get. Life was not meant to be lived alone. So stop trying to do what the world says is right and truly get back into the grace of GOD by learning how to live life with others.

Prayer: Daddy we thank you that you have not called us to live life alone and that you have purpose us for relationships. Thank you Daddy that though we try to do things on our own that we are more successful doing things together. Daddy help us become more aware of when we are outside of your will and how to get back to where you need us to be. Help become selfless and show ourselves friendly that we can maintain the relationships that you called us to. In Jesus Name! AMEN


Chapter 35

So this is going to be a different blog because I am writing this from a heart of  frustration in the beginning. I know you, my readers are wonder what’s going on, what is so different about this blog. Well this blog is different because I am going to throw a great big pity party in the beginning then end it with what you are use to….A Daddy Daughter moment.

So let’s get to business shall we… Today I turn 35… I know some are wondering what’s the big deal. Well the big deal is at 35 this place that I am at in life is not where I thought I would be. Never thought I would be divorce, unmarried, no kids, lost and confused about my next steps, still learning to trust Daddy with the little things, and wonder where in the heck am I going to do now that all my career goals have been accomplished… So I think. Never would I have thought that I would feel like Daddy was not hearing me or leading me on,  while just being found in another process. Process… Now that’s a word that keeps echoing in my spirit, ringing in my ear, and become the one thing I really don’t understand, the why behind. I feel like this process has been going on for the last 5 years and I still don’t understand when the end is coming. Or even if there is an end.. (If you are wondering if this is my pity party? The answer is simply yes. So pull you up a sit and get you something to drink because the turn up is about to get real) So here I am at Chapter 35 and I am  thinking to myself… Really GOD this is it? This is the chapter of the middle of the road. I am 5 years into my 30’s and 5 years away from 40… and I have nothing but heartache to show for it. I am on my facebook page and on my timeline all I see is engagement, babies, wedding… EVERYTHING I have prayed for…. Oh and I haven’t just prayed cute prayers for these things, I have fast, rolled on the floor, cried my eyes out, tarried, went into tongues, shouted, and the list goes on and on. But yet the people that barely know you Daddy, or even want to know you…. Get it instantly. I mean they haven’t even said a Hello to you, they are the ones with my blessings… (Yep I am at the feed up part of the pity party… just in cause you were wonder) But in all my pity and before the party really gets turnt up… I hear Daddy say this…

Look up the number 35 and tell me what it means in my biblical meaning. I am obedient even in my anger and pity… Yep I am angry because I feel like I have done enough to at least feel like Daddy is working on something, yet I feel nothing. I look up the biblical meaning of 35 and you know what it says. Vindication. The number 35 means vindication, but it doesn’t stop there it. It means to gain hope, confidence, and trust. UGH!!!! Daddy just mess me all the way up. Then Daddy speaks:

“Daughter you think that in the last 5 years I have been silently listen to you pour out your heart with tears in your eyes while you pour out your soul all at the same time. Do you think I enjoy your pity parties, your doubt in me because I am not moving in your timing? Do you think I would forsake my word that says that I will never leave you or forsake you to make a point? Do you think that’s the kind of GOD I am….matter of fact do you think that’s the kind of Daddy I am?” and with tears in my eyes and my voice shaky I say no.  Then he poured out this revelation on why chapter 35 is hard for me to accept. Now please for those that are 35 or about to be, this revelation is deep and will cause you to really look at Chapter 35 a different way. For those that aren’t in Chapter 35 yet or surpassed it, trust this revelation will still hit home.

“The reason  daughter you find it hard to accept Chapter 35 is because you find it hard to believe I will truly vindicate all those that have done your wrong, devalued you, mistreated you, used you, and abused you.You think I forgot how you poured your heart out about the hurt they cause, and though you have forgiven them, the scares still sometimes hurt to look at. You think I haven’t felt your rejection. persecution, or disappointment? You think I did not see how it tore your heart into to watch them leave you in your most vulnerable place just so they can be happy, with the disregard of your feelings? You didn’t think I saw how the enemy took pleasure and using your anger, against you? You think I didn’t see how the enemy tried to rip you out my arm, make you feel like I didn’t love you, or I wasn’t there when the hurt become to much for you to bare? When you wanted to end it all because it was too much for you to deal with, for your comprehend, and too much for you to give? I was there looking and watching it all take place.  It hurt me really bad to see you like that. But it was in those moments that I need you to grow, to mature, to trust me, to love, to have hope in me and realize that I got your back. It was in those moments that I sat up in my seat waiting for you to response so that I may get the glory. And daughter there were moments that you failed, but there were also moments where you succeed. In those moments of success is where my glory made a way for your story to be so much greater. It’s time that you let me restore. It’s time that you trust me and have confident in this one thing….You will see my goodness. You will experience my joy… I have not forgotten about you. You are  still  worth the work of the cross… you are still worth the breath that I breathe into your lungs everyday. You are worth more to me than the life I created in you. You are the apple of my eye and you are wonderfully made in my image and there is nothing you or anyone on this earth I made that can take away that value. So please gather the decorations from your pity party  and throw them in the trash, for I am your Daddy and you are so ready for your vindication.”

Now this message may seem personal and to a certain point it is, but know that it is also meant as a reminder that you are worth it all. Everything Daddy  has for you is worth your wait, time, and trust in HIM. Never allow your timing to become a weight on your waiting that you miss your moment to experience GOD’s glory.

Prayer: Daddy you  are more than life to us. There are not enough words in our vocabulary that can express the gratitude of our hearts. You give us freedom when we are bound by sin, you give us life when death had the right to call us his, and you give us joy when we abused your grace. Thank you Daddy for always giving us another change to get  right. For us to throw away our pity party decorations and put on the gladness of your joy, the full armor of you for war, and your peace that surpasses our understanding. Thank you for your perfect timing and the ability to give us the desire of our hearts, because we live in your heart desires. In Jesus Name…AMEN




It is amazing that the one thing we don’t think about when being single is how can we work together with the person that GOD has for us. I mean when I first got married I was so in tune with being in a position of being “perfect wife,” that I was not able to get to the place of seeing myself as my ex-husband’s teammate….a.k.a. Helpmate. So what is a teammate in a marriage…. Well it’s the same thing that it is on a team, a person that you talk with about a plan of action on how to win the game. Each of you have a part to play and without you all playing that part, that means that the team will not be successful. There is one difference in a teammate of marriage, you must be in a position where you are more than just the person that cheers them on to complete the task, sometimes you must be the one to push them into the task. As a teammate you must remember that your team member represents you and together you represent “us”. “US.” Not just the us on the field, but the us even off the field. Genesis 2:18 states “The LORD GOD said, It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” This scripture was the start and the foundation of the GOD concept of marriage and being teammate and this is the scripture I want to breakdown. So in this scripture we see three positions that a wife must be in to fulfill the position of helpmate:


1.We must realized that we were called to fulfill a GOD assignment, so can we never operate in our strength while in the position.


2. We were created to complete a companionship that came as a result of loneliness… Simply put because there was a need that needed to be resolve, called incompleteness…GOD created in us the wife, things that would cause a pressing to remove loneliness and create companionship … to shift the heart of man from selfish to selflessness.


3. We were tailored made for the person that GOD connects us with. Can I break that down some more. If he is truly who GOD created us for then we will never have to force anything. Ok let me simplify that some more. When the man finds a wife the favor will not come only when he finds her, but in the aftermath of the wedding. That means that wife you will never have to defend who you were called to be in his life, your assignment and the anointing on your life will always speak for you. ALWAYS! So you will never have to be moved by the naysayers, be pursued by those that doubt your love and marriage, or be motivated to prove that your marriage is GOD ordained. IT WILL SPEAK FOR ITSELF… WHY? Because you are tailored made teammates.



So be aware of what a teammate is in a marriage and ask yourself this one question… Am I ready to be the perfect puzzle piece for him or her, or have I compromise myself to the point that my piece needs to be reshaped again? Whatever your answer hold strong to the fact that you will never have to force your position as a teammate.



#DearFutureHusband I am so grateful for the confidence that you have in us, that you realize that I was perfectly design to fit into your puzzle, and you were perfectly design, not to complete me, but push me to my destiny of wife, helpmate, and teammate. Thank you for never allowing others to cause us to compromise.


Soul Passion

Psalm 42:1 As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my GOD.

It’s amazes me every time I read that verse how it bring about fresh revelation. As soul commanders we must realize that the true pursuit of seeking GOD, is seeking him beyond our own strength. The word pant in this verse means to breath with short, quick breaths.  So let me put this definition to use with this verse. As a deer that breathes with short, quick breaths for streams of water, so my soul will press with short, quick steps towards you GOD. Hum that is really deep.  This scripture is telling us that we have to command our souls to go beyond its strength to press towards the presence of GOD. WOW that means we cannot give up even when we feel like life is taking our breath away.

Life Application: Ask yourself this question: am I to a place or point where I am willing to press towards GOD, even when life seems to be taking my breath away? If you are not in a place where you can see yourself pressing towards GOD, to the point you are fighting for your last breath, then there are three things you need command your soul to do: 1. Trust GOD. 2. Let go of doubt and fear. 3. Let go of your own strength.

Prayer: Father we thank you that in you we have breath, because you are the creator of all things. Father we just ask as we press towards you out of breath, feeling like our oxygen is low, and life is sucking us dry, remind us that you breathe breath of life back into us. Father up us to surrender our strength that yours can make us strong. Father we command our souls to submit to you and your will and we command it to obey your plan for the pressing you called us to, just to be in your presence. In Jesus Name! AMEN

Soul Devotion

Psalms 35:9: Then my soul will rejoice in the LORD and delight in his salvation.

I love David, because despite his mood swings he always came back to the place of salvation, the LORD. He always found a way to remind himself of the great things that can be found in  the LORD which was salvation. The same salvation we have access to through Christ Jesus. The same salvation that sets us apart from the words and gives us the eternal promise of everlasting life. The same salvation that allows us the ability to gain new grace and mercy every day. SALVATION, what a powerful word, but most importantly a powerful action. When one thinks about salvation we immediately think the cross, which is truly the access to all the promise of GOD, but David knew nothing about the cross, yet he commanded his soul to rejoice, due to his salvation, found in who…the LORD. Wow!!! David got the revelation of the promise before the promise was even born. What a mighty GOD we serve. That the LORD can give revelation to the ancestor of the one who would save the world, before he was even born.

Life Application: Ask yourself these questions when was the last time I rejoice about being saved? Have I allowed salvation to be limited to words, or have I allowed salvation to become an action that fuels my trust in GOD? Remember salvation is free, the price has been paid, but the things that fuel the action of salvation to remain active in your life, is your ability to rejoice in what Christ did on the cross for you over 2,000 years ago. Never allow your ability to be save by grace, through faith, be something you take for granted. Do like David did and command your Soul to rejoice in the LORD, because he has given you access to salvation with eternal promises.

Prayer: Father, we thank you that through Christ we have access to salvation, which gives us direct access to you. We thank you that in you  we do rejoice, because it’s in you that we find everlasting life, blessings, and the promises of yes and amen. In JESUS name. Amen

Trusting Daddy Again

Hello Readers!

I know.. I know it’s been a while but after constant conversations with Daddy I am in a place where I have to make this a priority again. So today I want to talk about the process of faith. On the way to work and just in the last couple of months (9 months to be exact) GOD has really been challenging me in the area of faith. Yep FAITH. So I was in the car today and I ask Daddy why do I continue to get the prophetic word that says I need to trust you? That you are isolating me? That I have to deal with the pruning and and make scarifies?  And he told me Daughter look at your actions. I will tell you to do the simple things and you are asking questions like Daddy is that you?!? I know I am not by myself and if I am then …. That’s fine, because today I want to share the start of this process of examination of my faith. As Daddy continue to show me, my faith issues and areas I continue to waiver in when trusting him; of course the spirit of conviction came over me, and this scripture hit my soul:

5 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. (James 1:5-6)  

Do you know how many time I’ve asked Daddy to guide and give me the wisdom to move forward in the things that he has called me to.. I mean this blog for example is one that can truly be a faith move of wisdom in action. But it’s verse 6 that cut me ….. ” you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.” I am in tears just meditating and speaking on the verse. I got the revelation that the life changes that I have and am experiencing are not just due to season changes alone, but to the fact that I have cast myself to the winds…. EEW!!! Please forgive my overwhelm conviction right now. I am in a place where I am trying to learn Daddy as “I AM,” and that takes a lot. Because to know him as ” I AM” you are going to have to examine your faith. You are going to have to get out the currents of the winds and get on the boat and ride it out. Oh I am preach to myself and probably some of you. But I had to ask Daddy when and how did I get here.. His response, “You tell me.” I was like I don’t know.. Was it before the marriage or after? Was it before all the life changing events… divorce…death..moving…being a daughter….embracing me again…?!?! I don’t know.. Then Daddy was like you do but maybe you don’t want to admit it. Actually I do remember…. It was the divorce. It was when I thought I had totally blew it and I have never bounced back from it. Ever since my divorce I have been caught in the currents of the waves and winds. I have created gods that were higher than Daddy unintentionally and I have allowed those to be my hiding places. One being my sorority… Yep I am sorority girl… I love my sorority and all my sorority sisters. They have been a blessing to me in every life changing event. They have supported, held me up, and prayed with me. Even this past week when I thought I was having a stroke and had to go the ER (by the way I am ok it was not a stroke, just a wake up call to take care of me more better.) they were praying and keeping me calm. They were willing to drive to my aid. But in my conversation with Daddy, he told me it’s time that I let them go… Not the relationship but the duty of god that I have made them. Again without the intention to do so. This goes also with certain friends and even relationships I have. I have cause them to be a priority over GOD… Over DADDY! So that is the reason for my prophetic word of isolation and pruning, Learning to let go of  your security is a hard and heart thing to do. But it must be done, and done not in your strength, but that of THE FATHER. So as I continue to examine my faith I have made up in my mind that this is a process. It’s not going to happen overnight but it is something that I must endure. I must  realize that the process will truly yield great fruit. 

So today as I take this journey of examining my faith I will share with you… my readers the process and downloads that Daddy shares with me. Today we take a journey to make Daddy not only a priority again, but to also make his trust our truth. I don’t know about you but I am tired of getting toss to and fro by the winds and waves of my own doubt, created  by my emotions, fueled by my insecurities, and covered by my words. TODAY is a new day and will continue to be the process of  GREATNESS.

Prayer: Daddy today as we examine our faith in you, help us realize what we contribute to the doubt of trusting you. Help us realize the brokenness that we have carried and tried to fix is not for us to hold on to or even deal with; but the perfect opportunity for us to surrender to you. Daddy help us to trust you again in all things, and not the things we do not have plans of actions for. Help us be in a position were we are not delayed in our obedience or questioning the motives of your instructions. Helps us always say “YES DADDY.” Help and remind us that surrendering all is an everyday process, because the all we surrendered yesterday, comes with today’s surrendering. Daddy help us live life in the words of mandated trust and not that of  “I might trust”. Daddy gives us a heart to realize though your timing is not what we want it to be, it is still perfect, and that you only want the best for us. Help us let go of gods that we have created in our lives intentionally or unintentionally, that we can only see you. Bring us back to the place were your presence was all that we needed. That your yes was all we had.

In Jesus Name,  Amen!

The Wind of Friction

So today while at prayer Daddy revealed to me the purpose of wind. No it’s not just to circulate the pollen in the air or keep us cool. The wind at its greatest speed will cause a great friction to occur that will cause things that were hidden or unknown to be revealed. Don’t believe me? Let me give you scripture to back it up. Mark4:38-41

38 Jesus was in the stern, sleeping on a cushion. The disciples woke him and said to him, “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?”

39 He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.

40 He said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

41 They were terrified and asked each other, “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!”


Now I know you are saying what did the wind reveal in these verses? Well something great actually. Let’s examine each verse to see how the wind revealed some great things starting with 38. In verse 38 we see two things that were revealed. The comfort, peace, and calmness of Jesus and the doubt of the disciples. Verse 39 we see the authority of Christ and the obedience of the wind. Verse 40 reveals the hearts of the disciples, their lack of faith, and dare I say it religious mindset. Ok let me pause because someone might get offended. But let me say this. These men had seen Jesus heal the sick, raise the dead, feed 5,000 with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread with leftovers, and never went without anything. Yet they did not feel that Jesus the one that did all of this, could not save them from the strength of a might wind? This is the mindset of some believers (me included) if it’s a great thing Daddy can do it but he does not specialize in the minor. WRONG!!! He specializes in all things concerning his children whether it is corporately or individually. Minor or Major. Religion in the sense I am talking about, is doing the action without the relationship. Or in disciples case seeing the work and going through the motions of following without realizing the work, works for them. I  know that sounds  heavy (in the words of my sister) so let me break this down in simple terms. That’s like getting saved but not realizing it comes with benefits for the here and now. That’s like having bluetooth capabilities and still holding the phone because you are not use to the accessibility that the bluetooth gives you. I hope you get it. So in summary, the disciples had access to Jesus and knew with him that miracle, signs, and wonders would happen but they forgot that it applied to them as well…. That’s religion…. Ok, lets examine the last and final verse…Verse 41, which revealed three things… 1. That the disciples had allow the spirit of fear to consume them so much that even after Jesus gave them peace, they were still doubtful. 2. The disciples realized the authority of Jesus. 3. (Last, but not least) The disciples hearts had fail to realize who they were truly connected to. Isn’t that crazy that after all that Jesus had done in these verses they were still left with questions. But that’s like us, right. We ask Daddy to do something, give us a sign, or answer a prayer… He does it and we are still left questioning things about him. But I am here to tell you that the friction of the wind also creates space and opportunity for something new. Even thought verse 41 ends with a questions it also create the moment of growth that lead to so many great historical and biblical events. Events that gave us access to Daddy. So the questions now come: Are you ready for the friction of the wind in your life? Are you ready to see the heart that the wind will reveal when it comes to your relationship with Daddy? I know I am ready for the wind…it maybe painful, but it will at least create the opportunity and moment for me to passionately pursue JESUS and draw closer to Daddy.

Prayer: Daddy thank you, that though the winds in our lives may seem strong and unmanageable, we can call on the name JESUS and find peace, rest, and calmness. We thank you that it’s at the name of JESUS that the winds must obey. We thank you, that we will never doubt or have little faith in the things of you Daddy.  Draw us closer to you through the winds of your glory, your peace, your grace and mercy. In Jesus Name, AMEN!

UnBothered Daddy

So I am in my office with all these thoughts going on in my head and I pick up my daily devotion calendar that is displayed on my desk just to change the date. Let me remind you I have had this calendar for years! Maybe 13 plus years. But I pick it up to read what March 21 says and this scripture had wreaked my day like literally wreak my day. Tore up my brokenness, rip my doubt, and breathe life into me. Isaiah 54:10 NIV: “Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the LORD, who has compassion on you.”


I know you saying how could that one scripture wreak you like that? Well when you in a place where you don’t know if Daddy  is doing something for you and feel like things are going silent.

You wonder Daddy do you still love me? I mean to feel like Daddy are you really bothered by the things that I am bothered by or am I just praying empty prayers? Well this scripture right just ripped that those thoughts and more out my head. In one reading my heart was change and I had an awaking moment of who Daddy is. Daddy is Unbothered. That means that there is nothing I can do, this world can give, bill collectors can say, my finances can show that move Daddy away from his covenant of peace. Ok, let me preach to myself. There is no amount of debt, issues, reports, stress, fear, anxiety, disappointment, feeling, or emotion that can shake Daddy’s love, compassion, or peace for me and towards me. Do you understand that? Daddy is so unbothered about what we are bothered about. He does not care how much the world says we have failed. Whether it be with goals we have set, debt we tried to cancel, or the lack of funds in our bank account. Daddy is unbothered with our strategies but he is bothered that we have not sought out his peace, and love, and that we have become so overwhelm with the world that we have allowed mountains and hills to block us from his presence.



Prayer: Daddy help us to become unbothered by the things of this world, our life issues, and every strategy that we have created to get us out of whatever we have created for ourselves. Daddy help us become bothered by your love, peace, presence, word, and will for our lives. Helps us become bothered by your supplication, provision, and strategy. Help us become bothered with being bothered in you. Bothered by your voice….Bothered by your assignments for our lives…Bothered by your love, healing, and just you Daddy. In Jesus Name! AMEN


Mask OFF

#HappyLOVEDay!!! I am so excited about today even in my singlehood, because to day is a day of conquering for me. Today I shared with a group of sorority sisters… Something I don’t talk about a lot and haven’t shared with a lot of people. Today I told them that Valentine’s Day a.k.a Love Day is a trigger for me. About the age of I will say 22 I was madly in love and thought everything was about to fall in place in life. I was graduating and engaged.. But on V-Day that engagment ended and my heart was crush. I got over it and then 2010 on this same day my ex husband took my hand and declared his love for me at the altar. Romantic right?? But you did see ex in front of husband…lol After our divorce V-Day was never the same for me for 5 years on this day I would contemplate suicide, feelings of worthlessness would overtake me, and I would find myself in this deep depression. I would be smiling on the outside but tore up on the inside. I shared this with my sorority sisters and some where shock… The room got silent and heavy.. (I don’t like those moments) but it was then that I realize how free and delievered I was from this pain of 5 years. I was able to share it with truth. Why am I sharing this with you? Because the the standards of society can overtake the standards of GOD if we allow it. I had allowed this to happen to me and I had to let GOD love me back to his standards of love. I felt lost and confused trying to fit in, when I was already in, but the enemy had me feeling I wasn’t. I want you to know whether you have someone or not. The standard of the world’s idealogy of love will never outlast the standards of GOD’s love. Don’t allow your singleness overtake you that you miss the moments of GOD’s love, and don’t allow your security in having a spouse make you forget your first love. Also I want you to know that if it hadn’t been for yall loving me in those 5 years I would not be able to share this. Your love unknowingly saved me. So on today make sure you love on purpose. Spread the love. I know we should do this everyday, but take advantage of this day. Where the world is open to love and the idea of love and let someone know this doesn’t have to be a one day out of the year moment, but a everyday moment. Love you  and thank you for loving me with purpose and tension.

Goodbye and Hello

EEwww!!! I don’t know about you, but I am glad that 2016 is coming to an end. I am glad that I did not experience any really lost this year, but seeing my friends say goodbye to family members and helping them through the grieving process has been something else. Seeing people have what I have been praying for… I mean rolling on the floor, crying out to GOD about, and fasting for come to pass in their life with ease and me feeling like GOD had forgotten about me has been a test of true faith. But with all the bad came some good. Not only did I get one new job, I got two! I was able to see my sister work in her purpose, graduate with my third degree, and see numerous of friends get engage. What a great way to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017. 

As I continue to share my Daddy Daughter Conversations for the fourth year I pray that three things take place in the heart of you the readers:

 1. You become inspired to stretch your faith to a level that makes you lose control.

2. You remember that Daddy loves you and that he is seeking to have many conversations with you. He wants to give you the plans, purpose, and favor you need to accomplish all the assignments that he has prepared for you.

3. You remember the power of your words and that you use them wisely. Remember that all it took was a word for GOD to create the earth. And that same power rest inside you.

Love you all and thank you for being open to reading the imperfections of my perfect love and conversations with our Daddy.

Prayer: Daddy as we say goodbye to one year and hello to a new one, we ask that you give us guidance to accomplish all that you have called us to. That we never miss a moment to communion with you. That we never take for granted the opportunity to be in your presences and express our love to you. Daddy, we ask that you correct us in anger, helps us control our flesh, and reassure us when our faith gets weary. We speak life to the dead things in our life, and we speak death to those things that hinder us from our purpose in you. We seek you more, not for your hand, but to see your face. We open our hearts to your love and our ears to your voice. That 2017 will not look like a reflection of 2016. We celebrate you on today Daddy, and we thank you for the opportunity to see a new year for so many will not be able to have the chance to start all over again. We thank you for the newness in our life, and before this year ends we celebrate everything you have purposed and favor us for no matter the time frame, Daddy we trust you more and more.

In Jesus Name



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